Air Freight Services:

The Business and Trading Partner, Prefer Time Saving measures, for International Trade. Transaction of Merchandise, is Speeding up day by day, by Air Freight, as it is much Quicker, Transworthy, and free from un- favourable weather conditions. We have an established “Net-work,Covering business hubs in Europe, Asia and Far East etc.

Ocean Services:

Trading through the Sea Lanes, is a centuries old, mode of International Trading. The Trade Started with Boats, with no communication, being totally at the mercy of weather, high seas, and other factors. The Present day International Trade is being carried out for the cargo on ships, for Bulk in Liquid by the Tankers equipped with state of Art Technology in navigation, communication & Handling the Cargo with the Passage of Time, spreading more than 2-decades, We are well connected with all the ports Shipping Lines and respective Stake Holders. Our experienced staff Provide efficient services, as soon the shipment touch the Part of destination from any originated part.

On Land Routes:

The most common and very frequently used, for Domestic, across the Border and for International Trades. The modern and advance Technology which have Produced durable, safe and enviable mechanized Carriers has proved a blessing for intra-city, across the borders and Land Locked Countries, and huge volumes of merchandise are transshipped much quicker. We have got a dependable network of Freight Forwarders, Agents and Transporters and being a well-knit Unit, Pave the way for a faster, Transworthy and quicker services to the Trade.

Custom Clearing:

Each and every merchandise has to go through the formalities of custom clearance, whether it is Exports, bound for other Country or Imports for Home Consumption. At both ends our staff closely monitor the proceedings of customs, being well versed about the Goods. Before filing the Documents, we make a Comprehensive Study of Documents to ensure, a quick, hazard free and prompt deliver of Goods to our Clients.