Our group is spear headed by the main segment, CMB Logistics, forming network with the aim & drive to cater the needs of our clients in the spheres of Export, Imports & Logistics. Each of the Sister Concern is certified dully Licensed & has earned a prominent Place in Trade & business circles. The C.E.O of the Group is Choudhary Muhammad Bashir, who has experience, vision and knowledge of Trade, Clearing & Logistics righty from the grass root Level as he himself started his career from the same Level beside his expertise, there is our team with more than 2 decades of experience. Now he heads a team of hardworking professionals who are extending their services in the field, dealing with different institutions, like Customs, KPT, Ports, Terminals, and off the dock Terminals to cater the needs of Trade, Importers, Exporters & Business Circles Our all the segments work together & are inter-related, forming a network. All the documentation is scrutinized, checked and monitored to attain Precision of high level, which ensures smooth trouble free and Time Saving measures, paving the way to the satisfaction of Clients.

We are a group of companies, comprising three Sister concerns, altogether committed to excellence.

The Principal Segment of our group, is under the name & style of “M/s. ATTA & SONS CHAL#: 1554”, Licensed as Custom House Clearing Agent, bearing CHAL #: 1117, was founded in 1990, with small scale infrastructure and handful of young and motivated team of individuals.

The 2nd Segment, and the sister concern of our group, is engaged in the business of Clearing, under the name of “KHALIFA BROTHERS” holding Custom House Agent #: 1117

The 3rd Segment, and the sister concern of our group, is engaged in the business of Clearing, under the name of “YARARI ENTERPRISES” holding Custom House Agent #: 1719.

The 4th segment of the group, a sister concerns is CMB LOGISTIC, providing transportations and logistics Solutions, to our customers, all over Pakistan for last more than 10 years.

Although all the three sister concerns, work in their respective sphere, but as a group of companies, we are committed economical services. Our priority is to offer our clients solution in custom clearance and related fields, with quality and performance. In the span of about 24 years, we are known for responding to our clients in a complete, accurate and timely way.

We specialized is DTRE, TEXTILE, MACHINERY, YARN. FABRIC, DYES & CHEMICALS for Home Consumption, under SRO’s regime, or else..

We invest sufficient time in understanding our Customer’s needs, providing them our service on dock and off-Shore Terminals in addition to extending our services at Air Ports, Sea Ports & Dry Ports in Pakistan.

To respond to our client’s needs, positively. To look after for the benefit of our clients. To ensure, a result Oriented atmosphere. To maintain and ensure to progress & Prosper with our international Strategic partners.

Our Each Member/ Sister Concern is registered with the concerned Quarters of Government of Pakistan, duly Licensed by Custom House. The Company is headed my C.E.O “Mr. Choudary Mohammad Bashir”, with a dedicated Team of 15 Qualified staff members, with more than 24 years of experience dealing in Pakistan Customs matters. Our Output, in respect of handling shipments is approximately 80% per month.

It is assured that you will find best service, with commitment in us, if given a chance to serve.

Please feel free to contact us. Awaiting for an early response.


Ch. Muhammad Bashir